When I first started out in the Tableau community, I struggled A LOT. I was honestly overwhelmed by all the vizzes shared on Twitter and the ‘Viz of the Day’ announcements. I had some self-doubt about this line of work and didn’t think I can actually work up to that level of perfection.

I was asked a few times about how I got to where I am today. So, I thought it would be awesome to share my data visualization journey.



Two years ago, I thought of a career change because it was just taking so long to get good…

Using Tableau/Tableau Prep and Python (Beautiful Soup) to perform an analysis on Indego’s bike trips and station addresses in Philly.

Click here to view dashboard on Tableau Public.


A few weeks ago, I was online searching for a new bicycle as my old one, unfortunately, does not run anymore. All of sudden, I remembered Philly’s Indego bike sharing service and Googled them instantly. I know it sounds a bit strange to hop from one topic to another, but I had this viz idea going through my head when I thought of Indego. So, looking through Indego’s website, I spotted a map on a webpage with the locations…

Note: Booth picture from Tableau Conference 2019.

Tableau Conference 2020 Reflection

I honestly never imagined how exciting my first virtual Tableau Conference would be this year. As I really missed seeing everyone in-person, this by far, has been one of the most unforgettable learning experiences ever. In the past, I had attended two Tableau conferences — one in Las Vegas 2019 and the other in New Orleans 2018 (fun fact: Attending the New Orleans conference was my first time on a flight!)

One of my goals this year was to try and meet new people at the conference. Since participating in the weekly #MakeoverMonday data challenges in…

Ghafar Shah

Data Visualization Analyst @ Comcast NBCUniversal

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